Dr. Maria Montessori

August 31, 1870 - May 06, 1952

Dr. Montessori was a medical doctor and also studied the pedagogy of Education at the University of Rome.

In 1907 fate intervened and she was offered the opportunity to study and work with children by the Beni Stabili group that was developing the slum area of San Lorenzo in Rome. It was the children of this first "Casa dei Bambini" or "House of Children" who shaped Dr. Montessori's idea and understanding of education. She came to realise that hope for the future of the child lay in their education.

Through her many observations of children she came to the understanding that it is nature that guides the child. There is no method to educate him and that education needs to be child centric. She believed that we need to create conditions for his growth and welfare so that he may follow nature's plan for his development.

The word “educate” has as many meanings as there are ideologies in the world and can be interpreted in many ways. One fact, however, is impressive. All those engaged in education agree that education must begin at birth.”

-Montessori, Maria

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